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Here is a random smattering of our software.


Image of the splash screen A theme for the Linux Progress Patch.

Description: The Linux Progress Patch (LPP) enables a splash screen shown at Linux boot time. The image you see here shows the theme we did for the patch. Obviously, we made the image using other sources, see the CREDITS file in the theme. The theme is distributed by the LPP project. For those who would further develop the theme, a "theme source" tarball is available on our ftp site; the LPP folk haven't yet provided a place for distribution.

          License: GPL, FDL


A mail to pdf converter and a security exersize.

Description: Allows people to send PDFs of their e-mails to the US Copyright office. Created for the Copyright Office's comment period on the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. For More information see the web page of The Trojan Cow Project.


A high level diald configuration utility.

Description: An easy way to have a connection to the internet automatically be there when you need it. A high level diald configuration system which allows diald to be configured by editing files containing environment variable assignments. You need know only a minimum about networking to use it. Configures diald so that the X window based diald control program, dctrl, can be used to control and monitor diald. Designed for RedHat Linux, it should be able to be used on other systems.
         Language: sh, m4

Required Software: ppp, diald, m4, grep, sh, sed, find
Tested With: RedHat Linux 4.2
License: GPL


Allows the software which translates machine's names into IP numbers to be configured without ever (?) having to specify redundant information.

Description: bpp is a m4 macro package for preprocessing the master files bind uses to define zones. It consists primarily of a macro, NAME, which can be used in place of CNAME and A resource records. Unlike CNAME resource records, which should not alias other CNAME records, host names defined with NAME can recursively alias other host names defined with NAME.
         Language: m4

Required Software: m4, bind
Tested With: GNU m4 1.4, named 4.9.4
License: GPL

ftpaccess.patch for wu-ftpd-2.4.2

Modification to an FTP server that improves virtual server flexibility.

Description: ftpaccess.patch is a patch to the Washington University set of FTP server programs which allows them to accept an optional argument specifying the location of the configuration file. When used in conjunction with the tcpwrappers system, this patch provides the mythical total control of virtual FTP servers usually only associated with luxury sports cars.
         Language: C

Required Software: wu-ftpd-2.4.2
Tested With: wu-ftpd-2.4.2-beta.11, Linux
License: Credits requested.


Gives a web server the ability to generate animations.

Description: A CGI program for server push animation of images. Allows caller to specify frame timing.
         Language: C

Required Software: Unix
Tested With: Linux
License: Shareware


Allows a program written in the ChezScheme implementation of the Scheme programming language to use a Sybase relational database.

Description: An interface between the Scheme language and the Sybase db-lib.
         Language: C and Scheme

Required Software: Sybase and Chez Scheme
Tested With: VMS
License: Free for non-resale use
Also Found At: The Scheme Repository


Exports and file transfers Universe/Unidata database data, notably to PCs.

Description: The dump programs may be used to reformat any data described in the dictionary of any Universe/Unidata file. (Universe or later, Unidata 2.1.3 or later. Some older pick style dictionary formats are not accessable.) Standard output formats available are suitable for importation into Lotus or Excel (SS.DUMP), or mail merge in Word Perfect (WP.DUMP) or Microsoft Word (WORD.DUMP). Custom output formats can be constructed. Once reformatted, the program can also initiate ftp transfer of the data from the Universe/Unidata machine into a designated file on another machine, usually to your PC. There are other fine features too numerous to mention.
         Language: Basic

Required Software: A Pick Operating System
Tested With: UniData, Universe
License: Shareware ($149)


Useful-ish for moving partially processed queries between applications written in Pick type databases.

Description: A program to strip leading zeros off of ids in a select list. Useful mostly as example code.
         Language: Basic

Required Software: A Pick Operating System
Tested With: UniData
License: Free


Perform piecewise comparison of the elements of two lists of data.

Description: A subroutine for performing IF conditionals on associated multi-valued fields.
         Language: Basic

Required Software: A Pick Operating System
Tested With: UniData
License: Shareware


Play sounds.

Description: A trival but useful sound player which plays .wav files with wavplay and others with sox to get better sounds. Replacment for the sox-11g "play" command, which plays everything as ulaw. Adds support for sound files with spaces in their names.
         Language: sh

Required Software: sox, wavplay
Tested With: Linux
License: GPL

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